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visuals for a multi-sensory space

This year I had a chance to collaborate with Joanna Jurga, a designer, researcher and innovator, who specializes in designing focused on the sense of security. She also practices meditation regularly - that's how she came up with the idea of Matrice - a container in which you can soothe and balance your senses - sight, smell, touch, and hearing. The project contains three different 20-minute sets - Morning Glory, Space Dreamer and Balans. Music was created by Vero Yagé.

“MATRICE_relax is a multi-sensory experimental space, designed to calm our awakened body and mind. In the spirit of synesthetic design, that is one that affects all the senses, we have created a "room / container" in which, with the help of sense of touch, smell, hearing and sight, you can take a deep breath, fall into soft pouffes and relax. MATRICE_relax is an off-line shelter where you have the opportunity to stay with yourself, practice meditation, learn how to breathe or simply let go. Come in, try and let yourself be. “

description by Łódź Design Festival & Jo Jurga

The design & look

Sound therapy, color therapy, aromatherapy and relaxation animations combined together into one, comfortable space.

The animations

“Morning Glory”

“Space Dreamer” 




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