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May B

music video

How to depict the feeling of hope, present throughout this track, while being sensitive to the unstability and fugitiveness of things, living beings, world? What should you do when your inner child's dreams about discovering and shaping the world are being weakened in the times of natural imbalance? The answer may be that we should take a glimpse at the cycle of birth, bloom and decay. It is a widespread process and it touches all the living beings, regardless of their scale. Maybe life is a kind of pattern, flowing through the world, which is yet unknown to us. Maybe the feeling of hope can be found in the idea that after death the cycle continues again - both in small organisms and in whole ecosystems. This is where my story comes from - the chapters take places in a gradually bigger scale, and the whole process is being driven by invisible patterns.


The animation was created in Cinema 4D and rendered using Octane. Edited with After Effects and Premiere Pro.


"May B" is an outcome of my collaboration with Zuzanna Całka,
a talented pianist and composer from Warsaw, Poland. (

Music, piano&synth : Zuzanna Całka
Visuals: Zuzanna Kołodziej // Vizuza
cello: Jacek Wachnik
violin: Adam Mazurek
recording, mix&mastering: Łukasz Zięba

Original music written by Zuzanna Calka.
Recorded in Polish Radio in Warsaw 2019.



© Zuzanna Kołodziej 2022